Sparkfeeds are a set of Greasemonkey-based extensions that make use of web feeds (RDF, RSS or Atom) to build sparklines representing activity profiles. These extensions target individual web sites containing feeds (e.g. blogs) and search engines publishing results via public feeds. See installation details and examples below.

This work was developed at IRlab by Sérgio Nunes, Cristina Ribeiro and Gabriel David. More details are available in the paper "Improving Web User Experience with Document Activity Sparklines", published at the 14th Portuguese Conference on Artificial Intelligence.

Installation Details

Sparkfeeds requires the use of the Firefox browser with the Greasemonkey extension (version >= 0.8) installed. After installing Greasemonkey, simply click on the links below to install the desired extension.

Install Activity Profiles - Show the activity profile of a web page as a sparkline on the browser's top left corner. Works for all pages containing a public web feed (Atom, RSS or RDF).

Install Search Results Enhancements - Include an activity profile sparkline next to each result returned by the search engine. In some cases, a global activity profile for all search results is also included. Supported search engines: Google Blog Search, Icerocket Blog Search, Ask Blog Search, Twitter Search. Warning: This script has a significant bandwidth penalty.


The Activity Profile extension works with any web page referencing a web feed. See screenshots below for examples of different use cases.

Actity Profile for a blog Activity Profile for a Twitter user page Activity Profile for an Institutional Site

The Search Results Enhancement extension adds sparklines to all results of a selected number of search engines. In some cases, a global activity profile is also added. See screenshots below for an overview of different applications.

Enhancing results from the Icerocket Blog Search Enhancing results from Google Blog Search Enhancing results from Twitter Search

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